Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Giving back to the Community

I've never been much for fan art... I mean I have. I've done it, I just never get around to doing it as much as I believe I should.

But lately I've been listening in to a local Conservative talk radio station here in town on the frequency 104.1FM "The Truth" and there's been one guy in particular I've been diggin' well into.

On the show he's known as "The Beautiful Man," James T. Harris.

Anyway, I'll just leave this here and get to something else in the mean time, haha!

I actually intend to do more stuff like this... as I said, for me to 'give back to the community'. Who will be the next victim in town, illustrated? I'm not quite sure... but I'm certain it'll be just as fun as this was :)

1/19/2012 -UPDATE

Workin' on some vinyl assassin LOVE, representing local radio host and menacing DJ: TOBY ROBERTS!!! from 91.3FM KXCI!

1/21/2012 Update

(In black and white)

Now in color! WOOOO!!!

01/25/2012 Update

Today on 104.1's The Truth, when James T. Harris was on, there was a point in the show where I called in to weigh in on a certain topic; but in the time that I did that I also let known that I was the particular artist in mind that did the piece he now uses has his Facebook profile photo (so amazing, haha!)

In that time... about an hour or so later, there was talks about my artwork again and Ross, the producer, caught a bit of flak... it was all fun in games but I still felt responsible for his shame hahaha. I find this as a means to hopefully repay that debt, if there ever is any, there is now.

I wish so bad that I could have a copy of that segment that went down today-- I was DYING when I heard it go down in my car. I wanted to call back and rebuttal, hopefully save Ross but... my phone had died long before.

Producer of both the Jon Justice show and James T. Harris-- Ross Williamson! THE SEXY SIDEKICK!!!

06/29/2012 Update

Been meaning to work on this for a LONG time now and ... well, it took another night of Italo from Under Surveillance's David Wright to set things off and get me going again:

It's so far, simple but far from done...
Almost there...

(I've no idea when I'll finish this one...)