Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Steppin' on the toes of Procrastination

Typically I have a long, drawn out story that narrates each scene I'll illustrate but right now I can't really bring myself up to speed on that for some reason....

I am actually picking back up on the habit of something I've wanted to start on for a while now and that's to change my Facebook cover from time to time with my own illustrations to keep myself busy and not lug around till I "feel" like I need to get to work on something.

I'll probably get around and update this with the narrative I intended on pulling out but right now I'm gonna go see if I can preoccupy myself elsewhere, on something else.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Suicide Sex Club

I'm a bit conflicted when it comes to having completed this piece...

Not because I don't like it, that's not it. I do.

I LOVE this piece, in fact.

But I've mixed feelings because of the circumstances lying behind it:

It was about 3 weeks ago when my wife and I were hanging out in the living room when she brought up this odd factoid about ferrets. Female ferrets, specifically. Apparently, if a female ferret in heat does not mate, or at least performs the physical act of mating, then the ferret dies from some strange phenomenon that female ferrets are afflicted by.

Somewhere down the line, in whatever span of time it takes, a female ferret simply DIES because it does not mate... I thought this was both hilarious but tragic at the same time, more tragic than hilarious (I'm not a monster...) Which got me thinking about the prospect about anthropomorphized characters... and the concept of fictitious bands again.

I thought, "How about a female ferret group that calls themselves Suicide Sex Club?" And ran with it.

With painful coincidence, in the first week I started on this piece, I discovered that a coworker of mine who was also an amazing friend... had commit suicide.

No lie.

While I was working on this very piece, someone I knew personally had commit suicide.

I won't get into the details of that because it's very drawn out and profound, but it did conflict in the process of completing this piece and I had every intent of using it as a Facebook wall cover... but I think I'll have to hold out on that for some time, because I do not want to offend anyone after I'd sent condolences to some close relatives and friends who'd read this heartfelt message I sent about this particular friend now lost.

In the end, I am happy about this... but in the same stretch, I'm conflicted about how I feel about it considering what went on during the development process up to the finished product.

Not only does this piece mean something to me, it's also a reminder in a scope of time which'll always recall a close friend I lost... I could, and maybe should, dedicate this piece to that friend...

But this piece is originally built upon the foundation of satire about female ferrets... and the tragic "suicide" that goes along about them...

Very confusing and... well... I'll just leave it at that.