Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2010 will be what 2009 should've.

Been digging around in the old noggin', reaching deep within the recesses of imagination for this and I feel like it's about time it's come to form. I won't get into any major details of what's in store and presented before you except that it's a sneak peek into what I'll be working on amongst other projects this coming 2010.

I've a good feeling about this coming year and ready to put this one behind though some great things happened this 2009. I will miss how it was one of my better years, adding into how it was the Year of the Ox according to the Chinese Zodiac so that was pretty neat.

However not all things came to fruition with what I hoped 2009 to be, yet somehow, I feel as though 2010 will be something to make up for all its shortcomings.

Success? Finally getting some authentic work of my own put out and possibly published? Will I finally acquire that body of a Chippendale's dancer? Who knows?! I sure don't but I'm ready to take another whack at the journey towards said success. I might not hit all the right notes but 2010 is gonna be one exciting year.

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