Saturday, March 10, 2012

CRUMGARI Unicorn - I Call Him Omega

I vaguely recall the difficulty my mentor, David Christiana, would stress about the technical aspects of painting or rendering anything under moonlight.

Knowledge I never forgot, but I remember him telling us that it would always have this funky green hue to it... almost milky, but green. Even more so to convey anything red under moonlight because the effect always renders red in this dark gray hue making anything red under moonlight almost impossible to convey without looking weird.... It was always a difficult thing to explain and I easily understood why... what I didn't know was that he had a lackluster for unicorns as well.

I never paid much attention to it till a few years later (now that I'm knee deep in some fandom for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic...) when a colleague of mine, Jojo Seames, posted up on her facebook about two things Christiana told us never to paint (I somehow never got this memo): Red things under moonlight, and unicorns.

To this effect, there were apparently five students I went to school with, or were going to school at the time of, who had painted unicorns that were red... CADMIUM red, under moonlight.

These people ended up calling themselves CRUMGARI (Cadmium Red Unicorns in Moonlight Guerilla Artistic Resistance Initiative)

Apparently all it takes is to convey a cadmium red unicorn in moonlight to be a part of this merry band of anarchists... which I gladly had to take up on the opportunity of:

Did you know mentions of unicorn date as far back as Ancient Greece?

I had no idea that the Greeks were one of the first in documented history to make mention of this mythical beast, yet ironically, is not mentioned in any of their mythology (That would be left to Pegasus, the flying horse!)

I thought this an amazing opportunity to assimilate three great aspects, two within a single culture, and fuse them together with post-modern tenacity:



and My Little Pony...

I name this majestic beast, "Omega" as evidenced by the um... "cutie mark" emblazoned on his flank.

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