Monday, June 27, 2011

-LDR- (Clearing the mind and dusting off the concepts)

I can't remember how far back it's been now since I've looked at a few of my concepts for another set of graphic novels... or just ideas in general that never quite ripened to fruition. Procrastination, fear, lack of ambition... I dunno what it is anymore but everytime I looked back at what I started on, I'm almost emboldened to pick it right back up from where I last left it... and then leave it alone all together again.

I really hate when I do this to. I do it ALL the time and I've no idea why. Lack of stimuli from outside sources; that kind of thing to feed into the energy, the excitement, the attention... ... sometimes I think I should shed those layers away though because they really get me nowhere.

Mostly in trouble, sometimes.

But other times?

Mostly nowhere it seems...

Where will I be going with these things? How far will they go? Will they ever make it farther than simple concepts, sketches, spontaneous illustrations and ideas?

Who knows...

I wish I did.

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