Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shadows of Procrastination

Or maybe it's indecisiveness... it's hard to tell these days but more and more I've found myself taking comfort in the explosive nature of creativity when it comes to sketching out scenes in their rawest, earliest forms of conception.

It's something about them.

The energy.

The spontaneous nature of where they just derive out of nothing hoping to be completed.

This is a double edged sword however... for all the potential I put into these scraps/work in progresses/roughdrafts/sketches, whatever you want to call them, they have a tendency to just sit around and potentially NEVER get done... and I hate when that happens.

But it happens ALOT.

Maybe it's fear... fear that all that I hope and see in it won't come to true light when I get nearer to finishing it. Or perhaps I love the process of building and creating so much that 'finishing' is a transgression rather than the intended transcendence I hoped for.

I wonder on these things alot.

I also like to call them Shadows of Procrastination; where nothing gets done but a whole lot gets piles up.

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