Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reminiscence before Bed

2008 seems so far away, and 2007 even farther though in a reflected time frame it really isn't... alot happened between then and now.

I finished college... got married... been stuck pretty much with the same job I've done through college, sticking with it really to see if anything productive could come out of it. And it sort of had its perks but the glamour of being a window cleaner quickly fades away the harder I tried to stick to it.

More than most, I find myself reminiscing on things of the past; how fun college was, when it was fun (some of the prerequisite studies were a total time sink when all I wanted to do was learn to be a better artist.) Techniques and mastery aside, the journey through it all was pretty amazing, and if I could, I'd relive those moments again just for the effect but not for the experience. Was much easier remembering how nice it was being a student sometimes. But really?

I'm glad I finished.

Or so I thought... 3 years after graduating, I haven't really done much with my degree but sit on my laurels. Well all that's changed, or I think so, as I've actually gone up and out to post my resume out, apply for things... keep on the look out for opportunities and hopping onto them as early as I detect them, search for them, find them...

The struggle for discovery is hard though. For people to discover yourself as an artist, and yourself as the artist to discover those who might appreciate what you have to show the world.

I think in this regard, being an artist can be tough but worth it when you make it.

Still... in more times than most, I often think about what I was doing in college, and while I consider most of the work I did then more experimentally astute studies and 'trying to figure out what the hell I was really doing', it all sorted itself out.

I look at some of my older work and think, "I've come a long way since then," but more importantly, "There's something magic about what I did then... now how can I keep that in check, keep it nearby and have it work for me?"

It's been years since I've graduated, years since I've actually looked at some of these older bodies of work (I'd almost forgotten about them till my wife reminded me through one of them she keeps posted up in her cubicle at work when I visited her once) and it reminded me of just where I came from; the legacy I bore through.

Something to reminisce before bed...

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