Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getting my feet wet.

Or at least believing I am...

Recently, I got in touch with an online job posting (Craigslist, really...) of a team of writers looking for a comic book artist. While I'd prefer the treatment, "Graphic Illustrator" I guess we should call it what it really is, hahaha.

Anyway I got in touch with them, there was a waiting period where they went through a slew of applicants and finally got around to telling me that I was one of three strong considerable applicants. This was my fighting chance as out of these three, only ONE will be chosen to be this particular team's illustrator.

Now I'm not hoping I win, whatever happens, happen, but how nice would the chance be, yeah?

It's the first time my work will be looked at in a professional (at least I think so) manner for the consideration of breaking into the biz, or at least taking that one chance that might make all the difference or better yet, prove to myself that I got this far and have practically 'gotten my foot into the door'. I imagine it won't be THAT big of a deal but a man can still dream big...

In any case, the three applicants, myself included, were suggested to draw up a 3-panel sequential segment of a 'test' page, for what I imagine, the team to analyze and decide which of the three illustrators they really want as to who will depict their idea the best and connect with the most.

No dialogue either, just all sequential stuff depicting mood, character development and just an overall sense of story telling, with no words except the insisted 'Meanwhile...' insert for the last panel as was detailed in the outline for this inaugurating project.

They also mentioned that this thing didn't have to be colored, but rather, it could have just been a series of sketches, or at least that's how it seemed to me... but I thought to myself, "What if that just hurts me and makes the people who are willing to take me seriously think I'm not serious if I don't show them what I'm really worth and able to truly perform?"

So with that... I went the extra measure for the sake of saving my own ass, just in case, hahaha! And in this sense, I really hope it pays off... otherwise it'll make it seem like I was just kissing ass and... well... I'd rather not think farther into it than that.

Still, this was really alot of fun to get back into the mix of things after a partial hiatus of crazy events which I'll get into, in a future post... it just wouldn't be right or keen to mention it here. As for this, this is all on the premise of hoping this will be a new chapter, an exciting chapter, in the progress of events yet to come.

(Psssst! I REALLY do hope I get the job!)

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