Friday, May 13, 2011

Dusting off Polished Works

I tend to forget how much work I've actually done in the past till I look around in my harddrives and find loads of unfinished work and equally as much, finished bodies of work.

Behind my desk here I've this mountain of sketches I should utilize. Typically when I sketch they become works in progress; I rarely ever just doodle around in a sketchbook or anything like that. It's VERY rare. In fact, I take the process of sculpture to mind when it comes to artwork. I treat paper (or did, as for a few months now I've been using a WACOM Cintiq21UX LCD Tablet) as a medium of clay, a body of it which I mold and shape in my hands and ultimately it's that one piece I'll use up and constantly tweak around with it until it's prepped into the desired product.

Even my process is very similar to sculpting. There's alot of adding, removing, shaping out, sizing up-- you'd really have to watch my process to understand (which can be seen periodically @ or but anyone who hasn't taken sculpture should do so. There's a wealth of skills to be learned from the process even if illustrating itself is a two-dimensional medium.

I found it extremely valuable stuff to have learned...

Anyway, time to fill up a quota of works done in the past.

Alot more to follow in the next couple of days, some being isolated into significant pieces I remember being quite particular.

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