Sunday, May 8, 2011


Been nearly 3 months since I'd really drawn anything and... I guess 4 times longer than that since I've posted in here? I can't even remember when the last entry was but I figure now a time as good as any to get back on track with a new fervor for catching up on artwork. Feels good to know all that wisdom I'd attained in art school hadn't dissipated or clear itself from my memory like a freshly formatted hard drive.

I'd been told that artwork relies heavily on persistence; consistency and a self discipline involving painstaking elements of repetition. This is true in the fact that I've heard so many other artists, especially while I was in school. Now I'm not saying I'm a cut above other artists but perhaps an exception? Because I've gone... MONTHS without drawing at a time, not even doodling but rather getting caught up in swarms of other fancies that catch my attention.

From video games, to work, to just plain old every day life-- things get in the way between me and my true calling yet when I return to that siren's wail of artwork; I find myself having lost nothing. Granted I will struggle for a bit but I've gone no more than maybe a week at the most and everything is back to normal.

Within these 3 months however, I took a glance at a load of unfinished work and admired the potential I'd put in them, reminding myself why I love what I do. I will be finishing these incomplete bodies of work to purge the demons of procrastination but ultimately to buckle down on getting back on track with everything and anything that needs touching up. I sometimes have to stop and take a look at what I've accomplished so far and I often forget I'd have done it at all.

Art is neat like that sometimes, that as an artist, when you look at your own work; when you've put enough time, passion and work into, you... sometimes have to wonder "Wow! I did that?" And if you haven't gotten to that point yet, I truly feel sorry for you because while an artist can be their hardest critic, you should remember that you can (or must be) your biggest fan. We, as artists, typically don't make art for others... but for ourselves; and then people connect to the work directly without intention (or at least that's how I feel it goes). You don't find your audience, you make it. Much like literature "Write what you know," the same rule applies for art. "Draw/Paint/Sculpt/Illustrate what you know," and the rest will follow.

Don't cater to anyone (unless you find some means to benefit from it) and in the end you'll be a lot better off. At least I think so...

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