Saturday, July 16, 2011

Neko Neko Juju Jumbo

A long, long time ago in a time that, when I think about, doesn't feel that long ago, I remember I was attempting to look for some way to gain some exposure of my talents, skills, what have you and I found this opening for that particular kind of thing when there was something that seemed available for the University of Arizona's newspaper as a comic artist for the paper's comic section...

This was about when I first started out at the U of A in 2005... my FIRST year attending there.

I mean I showed up, got an interview from when I turned in a couple things but... things didn't work out. The guy flaked out on me, never really got back to me, made it very difficult to get a hold of; it almost seemed like he was avoiding me, that or just VERY bad luck but... ... things never panned out.

I wish it had... maybe things could have been different had things took off but I dunno... and that's the problem isn't it?

I never will :(

But in the mean stead, I still had alot of fun doing what was to be my first (and sadly, last) time ever attempting classic, 4-panel short comics.

The result was an outlandishly cartoonified aspect of my character Juju in an alternate tangent of reality which I titled:


Sometimes... SOMETIMES, I think about picking this back up but... sometimes I also feel like that ship has sailed but that it can be pulled back into harbor, somehow.

I dunno... maybe one day it'll come back.

I will say I miss the feeling I had when I thought this would have made it into the U of A's paper; the excitement, the intense hope of success it could have brought... I also miss that level of optimism. Something I should seriously reconnect with.

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