Sunday, July 17, 2011

Three Egos -Triego

Seems like the more I dig around, the more work I find based on concepts of executions I thought were good ideas that I could have run with, stuck out and done something with... but never really came through for, for some reason.

One of these concepts was the idea of presenting particular individuals, in this case, a couple of my characters in the lines of what I called a "Triego."

The concept was simple really: Use a sequential method of illustrating one character three times in a dynamic, compositionally diverse fashion. Like a snippet from a comic book page in panels, ya dig?

Well I was on a roll with four characters in particular... but the fourth one never really got done. I mean I sketched him out but...

Once again, I came short and it pretty much just stopped there...

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I didn't want to pursue it anymore, I could I just... it's like I felt no drive to continue. I mean I could technically pick it back up if I wanted, among so many OTHER ideas I keep meshing into this vicious cycle but... well... ya know...


  1. Nice job Aardc0re.

    I found this post because I was looking for my nickname on google (I am Triego on twitter and other networks).

    Best regards from Colombia,


  2. Oh wow hahaha that's crazy, I was totally not expecting that!