Sunday, July 17, 2011

Spaceships and Concepts

Was about a year ago now me thinks? Had to be... well there was this contest a while back on this particular MMO I got myself lost in. I don't play that many... in fact this game, EVE Online, is the only one I play exclusively.

Well during a certain time, I was well into it and found out about this EVE Online art contest hosted through DeviantArt... the whole thing ended up being a sham and a controversy throughout the EVE Online community. CCP, the developers, had their hands full for a while but ended up redeeming themselves in the end.

From my end? I went through a painstakingly, however pleasing, experience of dealing my hand into this contest... was hoping it'd get an honorable mention but not even that. Not to sound like an asshole or anything but I, among others, should have had made it to at least that. Like I said, the whole DeviantArt hosted EVE Online contest was a sham...

I really learned alot from the attempt though.

And it was ALOT of fun, truly.

The first order of business was creating preliminary silhouettes of the ships intended. My most favorite of the four depicted was 'Testament'. Something bout the vertical hull design spoke out to me in volumes.

So I ran with the idea, flushed it out, put in A WHOLE lot of technical detailing into it the old fashioned way. Lines and drafting. I feel like I was at a disadvantage with this too... because a whole lot, if not more than 90% of the submissions entered were all done through computer-aided drafting tools or 3D modeling programs; so I really felt like a fish in a sea of sharks... granted there were some pretty good designs don't get me wrong but there were equally some pretty terrible ones that I honestly believed mine could have stuck out best among the rest... ... didn't really pan out that way though.

In the end, it was still alot of fun but I still think about how it could have (and should have) gone alot further... but what's done is done and I seriously did learn alot from this experience.

I'd thought about wanting to pursue this type of thing again as a pet project because I'd always wanted to do this sort of thing and have always doodled around with the mindset... but this was the first time I'd EVER really flushed out the concept of such a deal to this degree.

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